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Apocalypse Now

This is the entirety of the short comic “Apocalypse Now.”  Ultimately, I will re-draw it digitally, as these sketches are much too rough to publish, but having it all drawn out will shorten the process when it comes time to put it all together. It also lets me practice a little with pen and ink, which I use all too rarely.  This is the sort of thing that is going to go into my next book to fill out the “Best Iraqi Ever” story featured elsewhere on this site.  I have about a half-dozen stories of similar length dealing with bizarre people and situations that I have met, or that my friends have met, on deployments.  In this case, a tank company commander in Iraq who had been in the sun just a little too long to drink the COIN cool-aid.  If you’re looking for an hilarious punchline at the end of the comic, may I suggest you try Ziggy. “7 Nissan” returns next week.

Apocalypse Now P1 001

Apocalypse Now P2 001

Apocalypse Now P3 001

A Now P 4 001

A Now p5 001

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