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Time Traveling Andrew Jackson.


This is about five or six years old.  Andrew Jackson was kind of a dick, but he hated him some banks.  Eugene V. Debs was a late 19th Century labor union leader; he was punk before punk was punk and would have taken a very dim view of unpaid internships.

This comic will prevent me from ever getting an unpaid internship at a bank — as intended.

T-shirt Art.

5x7 Gorilla Shirt

One time, about four years ago, I was in a military course and the instructor dropped this bit of wisdom.  Of course, everyone in the course wanted it on a t-shirt.  So, I drew this.

The Rx Files

RXF First Page - Sample One Web

A number of years ago, my girlfriend worked as the manager of a chain convenience store / pharmacy.  You’ve heard of it.  As would be expected, she got bored and frustrated with the job, and so wrote a short comic series about the bizarre people and situations that she encountered.  She wasn’t able to get it illustrated, though, so as a side project I did a sample page.  More to come, maybe!

WIAR Page Six.


WIAR 6th Page Web

Page six, which really just serves to further illustrate the planned movement of the destroyed vehicle, and introduces the civilian contractor.

This will be the last one of these until later this Summer, as I will be traveling extensively, to largely uninteresting places.  I’ll be running a weekly update, though, featuring both older work that I once published on my old DeviantArt page, but have never put on this site, and also some conceptual stuff.  Stay tuned!

Real art!

Here are two oil paintings that I made.  Comics resume at the end of the weekend.