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Sorry, Jundi — Page 25.


Obviously, this one looks really rough as other commitments have kept me from exercising the drawing muscles as frequently as I would have liked.  Still — progress!

Sorry, Jundi – Page 24.


Page 24. Soldiers are trained to put in a nasopharyngeal airway in order to help open an airway in a badly wounded person; one lucky person per class gets to demonstrate.

Sorry, Jundi: Page 23.


Page 23.

Sorry, Jundi: Page 22


OK, Page 22 of my current story, “Sorry, Jundi.”  The end of a three-page action-arc.

At no point in the foreseeable future do I intend to resume regular weekly updates, due to a host of personal schedule conflicts, but these should run about 2-3 a month for the next decade or two.

Lastly, remember to donate to the medical fund for the victims of this past weekend’s Nazi terrorist attack in Virginia.



Sorry Jundi, Page 21.


Page 21, in which shit goes South.