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Pages 83-5.


7 Nissan Page 83


7 Nissan Page 84


7 Nissan Page 85

*edited to remove a typographical error

OK, here are three pages in two weeks.  This is a departure from my two-a-week goal, mostly because I’ve been busy at work, which makes Saturday a day for grocery shopping and lawn mowing instead of comics.  My next comic project, The Best Iraqi Ever (which will be first a mini, then a book when combined with some other stories) is going to be a page-a-week operation in the interest of me having some balance.  With this one, I want to get it done.  That said, notes:

Page 83: in reality, the cone penetrometer mostly lived in its protective case, because no one at any level actually cared, but I would like any future employers to be aware that I do know about quality control.

Page 84: Hopefully, people know what chain binders are.

Page 85: You should be able to guess how this plan works out.

One challenge in drawing a comic book over the course of 18 months is that my artwork has naturally changed and improved over the course of it, which compounds the mistakes that I already made of not having model sheets and using too elaborate a color palate.  I’m going to have to go back and adjust some of the early pages, in particular, to maintain some level of consistency, without taking up so much time that I may as well be drawing the whole thing over.  As I get towards the end of the story, I’ve been going through each page and making notes.

2013-07-28 21.19.05

I have yet to decide whether or not I’ll post all of the edited artwork here, or whether it will remain an incentive for people to purchase the book/PDF.  We shall see.

Pages 81 & 82.


7 Nissan Page 81


7 Nissan Page 82

Pages 81 & 82 of my graphic novel about the Iraq War.

These follow the page that was previously posted as 79, as discussed below.  This is the end of the road repair sequence, and the second page is supposed to convey the idea that some considerable time has gone by.

You know what takes a real long goddamn time?  Drawing a 100-page comic book.

Page 78, take two.


7 Nissan Page 77B

In response to reader feedback to the effect that the transition between pages 77 and 78 was too abrupt and confusing, I added this one in between them.  So, this one is now page 78, and the two that I posted last weekend are now 79 and 80.  the next page is page 81, just to eliminate confusion.

I’m pretty happy with how this came out overall.  Hopefully the Iraqi politician whose campaign poster I copied at the top right is understanding about copyright issues, and also has not been assassinated in these past eight years.

Two pages: 78 & 79.


7 Nissan Page 78


7 Nissan Page 79

Two pages this weekend — a pace I hope to maintain until the end.  After that, I’d like to start going out on weekends, so I’ll be scaling it back.

Those rollers vibrate quite strongly to aid in compaction, which is what the drawing depicts. I didn’t use the movement blur tool here, and instead just drew it in really roughly and smudged the colors outside the lines. Likewise, Corel Painter theoretically has a tool to put a white outline around text, but in my experience it crashes 100% of the time when I try it, so I just draw the outline in.