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Page 100.


7 Nissan Page 100

The 100th and second-to-last page of my graphic novel about the Iraq War.  I do like the way the artwork came out on this one. Hopefully it’s clear from the view out the window that this is supposed to be back in the US.

Page 99.


7 Nissan Page 99

This looks like a dramatic scene, but it’s really just part of the denouement of a book that’s going to run to 101 pages.  At least, 101 pages of comics — there will be an acronym glossary, title page &c.

I’ve never seen an explosion take a window clean off its hinges like that; it was just easiest to draw and convey what was happening.  On a window that swings open on hinges, the latch is typically much weaker than the hinges and fails first in this sort of scenario, causing the whole thing to swing 180° and hit anyone who happens to be in the way as it goes by.  Duct tape, of course, keeps the glass from shattering, or at least contains it.

Page 98.


7 Nissan Page 98

Page 98 of my graphic novel about the Iraq War.  The story is winding down at this point, and nothing much happens in the three remaining pages, which I’m sure will do wonders for the little graph at the side of my Tumblr dashboard.  I will continue to post updates after the next few weeks as I adjust some of the earlier pages in hopes of making the artwork consistent, and I will be putting the entire book online in one big post once it’s ready for publication i.e. around Christmastime.

After that, I’ll start work on my next book, which is a collection of other Iraq War stories.  7 Nissan began as one of these, but turned out to be long enough for a book in its own right; the other ones range from 6-50 pages and so get lumped together.  The 50 pager (The Best Iraqi Ever) appeared earlier on this website as a series of sketches that I did while waiting for trains during my vacation in Ukraine last summer, and will appear, with improved artwork, as a mini-comic before the rest of the book is complete.

I’ve also got two more books outlined in post-it notes on the wall of my office, which I will probably discuss in some detail later on, and which should keep me drawing comics for at least the next decade or so.

Page 97.


7 Nissan Page 97

Page 97 of my graphic novel about the Iraq War.  In this panel I used a black wash over everything, which I hadn’t done before, to show that it’s an entirely dark room.

One of America’s best and brightest wrote the contract for containerized housing units (CHUs) with the provision that they each include a glass window, the better to generate shrapnel.  These were immediately covered in duct tape, which comes in handy in the next couple of panels.

This book is almost over, at which point I have to revise and edit it, and then start on the second of four that I have planned out.