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The book that I wrote, 7 Nissan, is now on Goodreads.  If you bought it and liked it, or just liked the comics online, please feel free to leave a review.

Also, for the past year or so, I’ve made it a project to review every book that I read as I finish them, which I think makes me a more thoughtful reader and maybe even a better writer.  I’ll be doing that for the foreseeable future, so if you want to follow along then . . . I guess there’s nothing stopping you.

More artwork soon!  Watch this space.

I wrote a book!

7 Nissan Copy

In early 2012, living in the unmitigated Hell that is Hawaii and having just finished a mini-comic version of The Iliad, I was once again bored out of my mind.  I thought that my artwork had improved enough in the course of illustrating The Illiad that I could take a stab at doing a comic version of some stories that were more or less seared into my brain during my year-long deployment to Iraq as a combat engineer in 2008-9, right at the tail end of “the surge.”  I sat down at the typewriter over a few weeks in January and came up with a bunch of little stories: some too short, some much too long, but finally decided on one that was likely to run to about 100 pages.  What took about four days to write took fully two years to illustrate, lay out and revise, but now it is complete and I have an actual, physical book (and Kindle edition).

In the mean time, I managed to develop three more books’ worth of ideas, which should keep me in the comics business well into my 40s.  The next one, tentatively titled “The Best Iraqi Ever and Other Stories,” collects a bunch of the shorter stories that I wrote when I was hashing out this one, which are all too short to stand on their own.  I’m going to try to get some of them published elsewhere before I put them all together into a collection.  The two after that move away from the war and back to America, but I’ll leave the spoilers for later.

I intend to keep updating this website as I go, so be sure to bookmark it and check back every week or two for new updates.  If you like what you see, feel free to stroke my ego by buying a Kindle copy for $3.99, or — if you’re really feeling generous — a paperback for a good bit more, depending on what level of discount Amazon feels like giving you.

Special thanks to those who have provided feedback over the course of this project, and to those who have already ordered!