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Page 24.


BIE P24 Web

This whole conversation was just one long . . . “Oh, God, what now?”

Page 23.


BIE P23 Web

The text for this was the easiest thing to write of all, because I remember every word verbatim, and it’s completely bizarre in the best possible way.

Anyway, after a break for Thanksgiving, here’s Page 23.  There’ll be another break between Christmas and New Year’s, for those of you who somehow think that this is a webcomic and that I owe regular updates.  To make it up to the readers who actually check back and were disappointed last week, here’s an oil painting that I did, with the pen and ink sketch that I used as a reference, because why not.

Rapid Oil Web

Rapid Ink 001

I have since learned that, after I moved away from there, the GCRTA repainted the insides of their trains from the previous lemon-beige color to more of a battleship gray, which is if anything even more appropriate for a city where it is always February, when the snow has turned to slush and, blackened with soot, drips through the holes in the bridges and soaks through your shoes as you walk home past the broken windows.