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Page 43.


BIE P43Web

In reality, this took a good 12 hours, but it was still damn efficient.  Without the plumber, we’d probably still be out there.

Page 42.


BIE P42 Web

Page 42!  This was two pages in the original sketch version of this comic, but somehow the “Glop Glop” scene just didn’t stand on its own.

Page 41.


BIE P41 Web

My self-described weakest point as a cartoonist is economy of page space.  I’m not really disappointed with how the artwork is coming out on this, per se, so much as with the fact that I took two pages to show a guy jumping into a ditch.  I’ve been trying to work on this in writing the next book, which is going to be several hundred pages as is, and needs to have care taken so that it doesn’t turn into War and Peace.  I’d really rather not just divide the page into two or four panels, though.  I did that for The Iliad, and felt even more constrained than with full-page artwork.

Page 40.


BIE P 40 Web

Here’s page 40!  Almost done with this story.