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Page 8.


AHC 8th Page Web

Page eight of my ongoing comic story, “A Haunted Country.”  Hopefully it’s clear that these people are hurriedly sprucing things up for the big boss.

The last time I drew a Blue Force Tracker / FBCB2 screen, I had the character’s finger over it to make it clear what it was.  I’m not sure if that was necessary or not — do people know that military vehicles have these computers in them, with GPS maps and text messaging?

A Haunted Country: Page Seven.


AHC 7th Page Web

Page Six.


AHC 6th Page Web

More use of actual photos that I took in Iraq, as backgrounds.  The building to the rear is one of the tallest in Mosul, if not the tallest.  ISIS recently made headlines by throwing a bunch of gay people off of it.

So it goes.

A Haunted Country — Page Five.


AHC 5th Page Web

Page five — on schedule.

The gunner in these vehicles (seen in the background here) sits on a sort of padded cloth strap that’s suspended from the turret, so that he can turn with it; if his NCO checked him properly, he’s also strapped into the vehicle by a seat belt that’s hooked to the floor, and to a harness on his body.  If the vehicle rolls over or gets blown up, he or the TC is supposed to (at the last second, in theory) pull a quick-release that drops him into it, so he gets held down by the seat belt and doesn’t get crushed. Meanwhile, he’s also free to move around, so that he can stretch his legs, get ammunition, or whatever.

One massive flaw in this arrangement is that the gunner’s ass is suspended about head-high, directly over the crew compartment.  With a little good judgment on the part of the gunner, this is just barely tolerable under normal circumstances.  However, if the gunner, like everyone, has been bathing in Iraqi water and trading MREs for Iraqi food for the past six months — practices that his digestive tract’s previous, coddled existence in no way prepared it for — then the potential for a horrible, horrible disaster grows with each passing hour that the vehicle is in motion.  Many people have a story of such a disaster, but strangely you never see it in the Hollywood war movies.

Page 4.


AHC 4th Page Web

Here’s page four!  I wish I had a good story about why it was delayed, but in reality I just had a busy weekend. Page five will be on schedule.

Also, one or two of you may have noticed that I got rid of the DeviantART icon on the side of this page, having deleted my account.  I say one or two of you, because that’s the most people who ever visited that page, which I hadn’t updated in over a year — mainly because DeviantART has an awful user interface and I was getting almost no traffic from it anyway.  Tumblr has turned out to be a much better platform.