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A Haunted Country, Page 20.


AHC 20th Page Web

Page 20. We used so much white light in Iraq, in total contravention of prewar SOPs. There are probably some Vietnam Veterans still screaming about noise and light discipline, but we didn’t really take the Iraqis seriously as a small arms fire threat in that type of situation — plus the construction equipment and armored vehicles probably blew any stealth we might have had.

Page 19.


AHC 19th Page Web

Page 19 was pretty easy to draw — it’s a good thing I took so many pictures of this particular mission.  It was early in the deployment, so I must have still cared about making a good POSTOP slide for the battalion command and staff meeting.  Anyway — tall buildings in Iraq!

A Haunted Country, Page 18.


AHC 18th Page Web

Page 18, after a slight delay caused by a busy weekend.  That bottom picture is what a lot of Mosul looks like.  Note the power lines and random busted up masonry everywhere.

Some would question the wisdom of an officer grabbing a Private and going off to clear alleyways, but these ones were only about 50 meters away, I was the only one not doing anything, and some times you have to set the example and lead from the front.  It paid off in terms of comic material, so there you go.