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AHC Page 24.


AHC 24th Page Web

Page 24 of my current story, A Haunted Country.  This is another transitional scene in which they’re supposed to be quietly walking back to the rest of the Soldiers, wondering what exactly they just saw.

A Haunted Country, Page 23.


AHC 23rd Page Web

Page 23 — a return to the photo from the title page. As best I could tell, this was some kind of Iraqi art house cinema that specialized in horror films. It’s doubtless been destroyed by ISIS at this point, but it did at one time exist, demonstrating that amidst all that savagery there were still people who were interested in watching sequel after sequel of movies about a killer doll. Life imitating art?

A Haunted Country, Page 22.


AHC 22nd Page Web

After a week off due to a work trip, here’s page 22. It’s really only a setup to page 23, so there’s not much to see here.  I’m not going to lie to you.

Page 21.


AHC 21st Page Web

Page 21 of this story — really just a follow-on to page 20, to establish what they’re doing here.