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Page 36 — the end of A Haunted Country


AHC 36th Page Web

This is the conclusion of the story A Haunted Country — 36 pages.  The Best Iraqi Ever was 46, making 82 in total — I need about 40 more to round out the book, which is probably 2-3 more stories; I am still deciding which among the ones I have written / sketched out are best.  The next one that I’m going to do is called War is a Racket, and it starts the weekend after next.  If you’ve been following this, thanks for the page views and be sure to follow me on Tumblr. Stay tuned!

Page 35.


AHC 35th Page Web

This is page 35 — one more to go for this story, then I have to figure out which one to do next.  There will be at least two more in this book, if not more.

I’m still not sure exactly what it is they saw — we thought it might have been some kind of residual effects or birth defects from the poison gas attacks that Saddam Hussein had mounted in Kurdistan in the late 1980s.  Alternately, it could have been something like the 1971 Iraqi Grain Poisoning, on a smaller scale.  No real way of knowing.

Page 34.


AHC 34th Page Web

Page 34 of A Haunted Country — only two more to go.

AHC Page 33.


AHC 33rdPage Web

Page 33 of A Haunted Country, in which the text and images reinforce each other.