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WIAR Page Three.


WIAR 3rd Page Web

Page three.

The unexplained concept behind the initial sequence here is that the U.S. Army does NOT lose rifles, under any circumstances — even if they were known to be in a vehicle which was blown up.  After they put the fire out, recover the vehicle and remove what’s left of the crew, someone has to go in and find their weapons to make sure they weren’t lost.  Then you can write the weapons off of the property book.  This gets elaborated on a little bit in the next few pages.  The main idea, though, is that this vehicle has been destroyed by an IED — if you’ve got that bit, you can figure out the rest of the story.

For U.S. readers, today is Memorial Day.  By all means, use your day off (if you’re lucky enough to have one) to get some work done around your house or relax with your family.  I know I did.  If you happen to know someone who was killed fighting for this country, take the time to remember them and to rededicate yourself to building a country that is worthy of their sacrifice.  If you don’t happen to know anyone who was killed fighting for this country, ask yourself why that is, then take a minute to decorate a lonely grave from the First World War, or the Civil War — one that belongs to someone long forgotten, but to whom we all owe a little bit.

WIAR Page Two.


WIAR 2nd Page Web

This is page two of 15 from my current story, War is a Racket.  Hopefully it comes across that that’s a blown-up MRAP, and that they’re sitting in a motor pool.  If not, it becomes clearer in the next couple pages.  I always thought it was interesting and sort of oddly beautiful, or at least striking, how the bands in tires deform and spread out as they burn, and end up all black with soot — along with everything else in the vicinity, and your hands and clothes when you try to handle the things.

War is a Racket: Page One


WIAR 1st Page Web

Page one of my next/current story, War is a Racket.  This one takes place on the FOB, in that most glamorous of locations, a motor pool.

War is a Racket

WIAR Title Page Web

Now begins the next story in my current book: War is a Racket.  It’s about our vulturous parasites Valued Partners in the Defense of Freedom, defense contractors.  And yes, I have read the polemic of the same title by two-time (!) Medal of Honor-winning Socialist USMC vice-commandant and part-time gangbuster Smedley Butler*, who I like to think would approve of the general thrust of this story.

I’m not entirely satisfied with the extent to which the blown-up MRAP “pops” off of the background, or fails to — it would be terrific in color, but I’ve already decided to avoid that.  The RTCH stands out against the sky pretty well, though — perhaps I can re-do this (later) so that the whole business is silhouetted against the sky.  If I was starting over with full hindsight, that’s what I’d do.

*who was a pretty fascinating guy