Monthly Archives: July 2016

Curtis LeMay

LeMay A'jad Color

This is one of the few things that I’ve drawn that I’ve actually seen, uncredited, around the web.  Universally, the original point was missed and the plagiarist took it to mean something along the lines of “yee-haw, let’s nuke them towelheads!”  The real concept was in reaction to the fact that, when the negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program were still going on, the Iranians were often portrayed as  insane fanatics bent on destruction.  I just wanted to point out that they couldn’t possibly out-do the country that INVENTED nuclear-armed, Strangelove-ian maniacs.  This is the big leagues, Iran — go crazy or go home.

Davey and Goliath

Davey Korans Color

This is a Davey and Goliath parody, if that’s not clear.  I’m not sure what the hell I was thinking when I drew it — probably about 2010.  It may have been right around the time that one of those fundamentalist preachers was going to burn a bunch of Korans.

Tattoo Concept Art

CLE River Tattoo I Web

I did all of my own tattoo art.  I haven’t had this one done yet, but it’s an idea.

Time Traveling Andrew Jackson.


This is about five or six years old.  Andrew Jackson was kind of a dick, but he hated him some banks.  Eugene V. Debs was a late 19th Century labor union leader; he was punk before punk was punk and would have taken a very dim view of unpaid internships.

This comic will prevent me from ever getting an unpaid internship at a bank — as intended.

T-shirt Art.

5x7 Gorilla Shirt

One time, about four years ago, I was in a military course and the instructor dropped this bit of wisdom.  Of course, everyone in the course wanted it on a t-shirt.  So, I drew this.