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Sorry, Jundi – Page One.



OK, Page One of Sorry, Jundi.  This page and the next one are not thrillers, but will be relevant later on: note the loving attention paid to the depiction of the drag handle on the back of the vest.  That drag handle is Chekhov’s Drag Handle.

Sorry, Jundi.


After a two-week delay, here’s the beginning of the next story!

This is something of a first for these stories, in that it’s not based on something that happened to me, personally.  Rather, it happened to an NCO in a unit that I was previously assigned to, on a past deployment.  So, while I have no reason to doubt the general course of events, the depiction is based on my imagination and overall background knowledge.  Full disclosure.

“Jundi” is the Arabic word for “soldier,” and also the rank of “Private.”  It’s what American Soldiers in Iraq commonly refer to the Iraqi Army Soldiers, in general, as, and would not be considered particularly derogatory.

War is a Racket, Page 13 (the end).



Page 13, and the end of the current story.  There are at least two more going into this book, though, so look for the next one to begin in about a week and a half!

Page 12.



Page 12, as the story starts to wind down and they contemplate what it all means.