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Sorry, Jundi — Page Eight.


Page eight, which establishes that they are leaving the FOB.  The last time I drew something like this, I had a bunch of radio chatter as text, but the consensus that it was so riddled with prowords as to be nonsensical to the uninitiated, so I just went with the image on this one.  “Complacency Kills” should be the new United States Motto.

Sorry, Jundi, Page Seven.


Page seven is a transitional page, and the last time that can use that briefing room / terrain model kit drawing as a background.  EPW stands for Enemy Prisoner of War (as distinct from POW or Prisoner of War, which refers to U.S. personnel held by the enemy.  An EPW kit has flex cuffs and tags or other documents, and possibly a digital camera, so that when you capture someone, it’s all there.

Sorry, Jundi — Page Six.



Bet you didn’t know the U.S. Army had boats.  This is the last page of exposition before we get back to the story.  A BOLO list is a Be On the Look Out list, the gist of which should be clear enough from context here.  A VBIED is a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device, or car/truck bomb.