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7 Nissan Page 67

Page 67 of my graphic novel.  Hopefully this gesture is fairly clear.  On the one hand I didn’t want to make it too dramatic, but not dramatic enough means that it doesn’t look like anything at all.  The Iraqi guy is just supposed to be nervously scampering away, which is in fact what happened, so obviously the message got through.

This is one of those cases where if he’s got a gun or a vest he’s already got you, so it costs nothing to be polite.  You also can’t treat everyone like a potential suicide bomber, because there are two million people in the city and you’re right in among them all of the time, so they’re going to get pretty close no matter what (see the traffic jam on page six) and it’s best to be on good terms if possible — which we shall see in the next couple scenes when these guys deal with the Iraqis who live in the neighborhood while they try to fix the road.  Pothole repairs are popular everywhere, it turns out.

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