Page 73.


7 Nissan Page 73

This is page 73 of my graphic novel about the Iraq War.  I’ve gotten up to a point in the story — this kid running through the river of unspeakable filth in his street in search of a stick of gum or a cigarette from the Amrikkis — that happens to coincide with some of the concept art that I drew back in 2011 when I was first considering doing this.  I’ve included it below for reference.  The first and second images are the same scene drawn in, respectively, Corel Painter and actual ink on paper.  I had initially toyed with the idea of doing this one at least partially in physical media rather than entirely digitally, but soon realized that I would probably drag my hand through not-quite-dry ink one too many times and end up stabbing myself in the face out of sheer frustration.

The third page is more ink on paper drawing, this time as practice at laying out panels in the more vertical format that I ultimately adopted.  These are more sketches than actual scenes from this book, but you can see where I was going with it.  Although I’m not proficient enough to use it for a big project, I can’t recommend Liquitex acrylic ink enough if you want to do watercolor-looking drawings without losing vividness.  It also works well with a nib pen if you want to stick to pen and ink.


River of Shit Digital Inking


River of Shit Scan


12mo Practice

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