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Page 75.  We’ll see if I can get three done this weekend.  I can certainly finish two.

I had originally intended not to include any names at all, but I think Hernandez is sufficiently generic for it to be clear that I’m not referring to an actual person.  Like, “Smith.”

American Soldiers handing out candy to kids is very much a cliche, and one that conveniently omits the darker side of American wars overseas, but that doesn’t mean it’s inaccurate.  I once gave a toddler a can of some kind of energy drink that was literally as big as his torso.  If the caffeine didn’t kill him, I’ll bet his parents did by about three am.  I also saw vehicle gunners go out of their way to get cases of out-of-code fruit (too old to serve on purpose, but not actually inedible) from the DFAC to wing at IPs/SOI at checkpoints.  They were mainly blowing off steam at the entire country of Iraq, but the IPs would go running after the stuff because, hey, free peaches, so any hostile feelings were lost on them and probably no harm done, which is why I let them do it.

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