Two Pages: 76 & 77.


7 Nissan Page 76


7 Nissan Page 77

Two pages from what was a very productive weekend.  I have 22 more to go, so if I do two a week I’ll be done by mid-September.  We’ll see.

I was debating, and still am, whether or not to add sound effect words to where this kid is running through the sewage puddle.  I decided against it for now as I didn’t include them earlier in similar situations.  Another thing I may do when I go back through this is add more garbage and building imperfections, the better to give the overall feel of the place.  One habit that I had to train myself out of in doing comics is the urge to add a high amount of detail to the background, which clutters the image and distracts the reader from the subject, which is the people and especially the little kid.  On the other hand, if the buildings are just cubes the whole thing loses realism and it looks like a vector graphic video game, so I have to strike a balance.

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