Page 93.


7 Nissan Page 93

Page 93 of my graphic novel about the Iraq War — eight more pages to go.

Some would grade this sort of exchange as backsass deserving of pushups and/or rock-painting detail, but that’s the wrong way to look at it.  The people who work for you are usually not idiots and can almost always sense when things have not gone as intended.  Trying to bullshit them just costs you credibility, and if you become the kind of leader who flies into a rage whenever a mistake is pointed out, eventually people start to bypass you entirely and you’ve lost all authority.  Much better just to come out and say, yeah, clearly that was not as planned.  Won’t make that exact mistake again.  And then don’t, which makes everyone better off across the board.

In terms of layout, this is another case where I’m simultaneously glad that the vertical page gives me plenty of room for speech bubbles and sort of disappointed that I can’t show  a large group of people standing in an expansive room, rather than making them look as if they’re all backed into a corner.

The barrel and receiver of those machine guns each weigh ~45 lbs, which is why they come apart to be carried.  They’re stored separately from the vehicles to prevent theft.

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