Making a Cover and a Layout

7 Nissan Cover

This is, of course, the back cover, spine and front cover in one document.

Probably the most maddening thing about writing this book has been the fact that after I finished drawing the last page there turned out to be several months’ worth of stuff to take care of before it turns into an actual, physical book that I can sell.  This is almost at and end, however, as I ordered a proof copy from the printers this afternoon, so make sure that the images are correctly placed on the page and the colors came out all right, and so on.  I’ll probably find about three typos in it, too, if the last few weeks have been anything to go by.

The whole thing will be ready in a few weeks, and will be available as a paperback and as a Kindle download.  Every panel is online at this point, and I’ll probably post them all in order once I’m ready to start selling books, but if you pay the money you get it in full resolution, with a glossary of terms and acronyms and some other stuff I put in the back.

While that’s in the works, I’ll be publishing some sketches and other artwork that I did over the past few months, as a way to keep these updates regular.  I got out of the habit of putting something up here every week once I didn’t have a new panel at the end of the weekend, and traffic has started to fall as a result.  I’ll be back into the one-a-week cycle in the next couple months, though, as I start on my next book!

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