Sketchbook Stuff

So, sometimes, you write a book and do all of the aggravating layout work and send it off and order a proof copy from the printers which takes two weeks to get in and then you finally open the box and find out that the title on the spine is ever so slightly off center.  Then you make a ten-minute correction and send the thing off a second time.

7 Nissan Fucked Up Back

In the meantime, you have a website to update once in a while, so you throw up some pages from your sketchbook.

Metal Buildings

West Texas Desert 1 001

West Texas Desert 2 001

These three are some sketches of scenes for a short comic that I wrote, and will draw for real in the next few months.  It’s 12 panels long and intended to be submitted to other publications, but if it doesn’t get picked up it’ll be in my next book with a bunch of other short ones.

Tex Ass 001

As a state, Texas is pretty shitty.  As a marketing tool, it’s a goddamned money machine.  Take an ordinary Ford pickup truck, glue a 49¢ “Texas Edition” emblem on the back of it and you can sell it for $5-700 more than a comparably equipped Michigan Edition.  I passed a billboard advertizing a “cowboy church” on the way home from work one day, and decided to take the concept as far as it would go — by which I mean, I drew this comic about a fat cowboy getting fingered in the ass.  Texas chauvinism, like all chauvinism, is rooted in insecurity, and there’s not much that’s more insecure than a poorly educated white guy having to undergo a medical procedure that he associates with homosexuality.

Selfie 001

This is a story that will have to wait for another time to be fully told.  I don’t actually have a Soviettes t-shirt, but I wish I did.


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