Page 25.

Back for 2015, with Page 25.  The goal for the new year will be to get this story, which is 52 pages, done by midsummer, and to get started on the other major story of this book, which is entitled “Haunted Country” and will be roughly the same length.  Those two plus a couple of shorts, to be decided upon, will make up the next full book and/or be done separately as mini-comics, with the whole thing complete by probably the end of 2016.  After that, I have a full novel, only tangentially related to the Iraq War, that is in the process of being written (the story is outlined, but I only have about 45 pages laid out) and which will run to about 450 pages — so, that’ll take a minute*.

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*And by “minute,” I do mean literally a decade. Expect publication Summer 2026.

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