Page 45.


BIE P45 Web

Page 45: one more page to go, then I’ll do a title page for the whole story.  This was originally 50 pages, which is the most you can do in a zine and still have a front and back cover, but better page use cut it down some.  I had originally contemplated doing this as a separate mini-comic, but I think I’ll just press on ahead and put out a book in 18 months or so.  I’ve got one more big story: “A Haunted Country,” which starts right after this, and a couple small comics which, together, should add up to the 120 or so pages that you need to make a decent-sized trade paperback.   As much as I love the idea of zines and mini-comics, and the DIY concept, it’s a lot of work to create and distribute those types of things, typically for a very small audience indeed; and I do have a day job, which actually pays for things like food and gasoline.  It’s just that much easier to have Amazon do the fulfillment so that I can focus on the writing and artwork, which is what I really love about this.

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