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TCP is traffic control point. This book might need a glossary like the other one did.  I’m debating whether the general meaning comes through even if you don’t know what it stands for, or whether the acronym is more distracting to people who don’t know what it means than it is realistic to people who do.

Has anyone ever slapped you on the back, and you thought, “man, I’m glad that guy just slapped me on the back — really changed my whole outlook?” Me neither.

Note the Bradley actually pulling security in the background of the photo.  Astute readers will note that this was actually taken facing roughly North, which is the opposite direction to the one that you’d want to go to get back to FOB Marez from there.  Artistic license.  The whole city will be be bombed to shit anyway in a couple of years, one way or another, so who’s going to know?

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