War is a Racket

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Now begins the next story in my current book: War is a Racket.  It’s about our vulturous parasites Valued Partners in the Defense of Freedom, defense contractors.  And yes, I have read the polemic of the same title by two-time (!) Medal of Honor-winning Socialist USMC vice-commandant and part-time gangbuster Smedley Butler*, who I like to think would approve of the general thrust of this story.

I’m not entirely satisfied with the extent to which the blown-up MRAP “pops” off of the background, or fails to — it would be terrific in color, but I’ve already decided to avoid that.  The RTCH stands out against the sky pretty well, though — perhaps I can re-do this (later) so that the whole business is silhouetted against the sky.  If I was starting over with full hindsight, that’s what I’d do.

*who was a pretty fascinating guy

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