War is a Racket Page Four.


WIAR 4th Page Web

Page Four. A Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss is, as the name would imply, something that you normally want to stay as far away from as possible, but in this case you’d just do one to substantiate that the rifle was destroyed in combat and no one has to pay for it / answer for its disappearance. If this seems excessive, keep in mind the potential for abuse: “Oh, yeah, there were . . . like . . . 75 machine guns in that truck. All gone.” For the purposes of the story, this is the last you’ll hear of it as we’re really just setting the scene and showing that these guys just had to dig through a burnt out vehicle looking for this rifle. The abbreviation isn’t important enough to be worth spelling out, and it sounds unnatural to do so.

W026059 was the M4 I had in Iraq.

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