7 Nissan: Scene I

These are pages 2-5 of my graphic novel project: collectively, Act I, Scene I.  I do about one page a week, so check back in early-mid April for Scene II.

At the end of the project I will go back and fix the color matching on the uniforms and sky.  It’s almost impossible to get exactly the same from one to the next, so I’ll mark the obvious outliers when I edit it for publication and move them back towards the mean.  I know from past experience that that sure as hell won’t be the only artistic error, and I’m more motivated to go through and correct little details when it’s all that stands between me and a completed comic.  I can even market it as a feature for the print edition.  “Words spelled correctly!”  “Colors un-fucked!”


***EDIT***I broke down and fixed the colors, since it was bothering me to have something up here with the admission that it sucked. I left the first caption up there to point out that this is still something of a first draft, and it’s a lot more ambitious than anything I’ve done before, so I’m learning as I go.  So, enjoy.



 7 Nissan Page 2 With Wires And Sky


7 Nissan Page 3 Colors Corrected


7 Nissan Page 4 Color Corrections


7 Nissan Page 5 Color Corrected

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