7 Nissan Page 25

Page 25.  I’m actually two pages ahead, so this makes the book 25% complete.  Look for it to be out in mid-2013.

I did an alternate of this without any text because I was really happy with how the artwork came out, but then decided that someone who didn’t recognize the crushed aggregate plant wouldn’t know what was going on. I may end up using the other one in the final book, though.

The NCO is, of course, speaking Turkish, though very few NCOs actually do.  Some do speak a little Arabic.

Many of the contractors and shopkeepers working for the US Army in Iraq, or at least in Mosul, were Turks, no doubt merely resuming a role that they’ve had in that country since about 1375.

And you can’t spell “contractor” without “con.”


7 Nissan Page 25 With Text


(Without text.)

7 Nissan Page 25

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  • Alex Rock

    Tough call. I like the dialog in this scene. However, the version without the dialogue has a certain understated quality about it.

    They definitely have very different tones, with the first with the officer coming off as a bit of a prick, and the second more just two dudes waiting for some stone or sand or something.