Artwork From 7 Nissan Page 28

Here is some artwork from page 28 of my ongoing graphic novel project.  This won’t be up on my Tumblr or other sites, but I’m posting it here to show that I did indeed draw it.  Later on, I may have to exclude entire pages where the artwork itself will have to be cleared.  Not for a while, though.

For those of you just tuning in, read the post marked “OPSEC Note” or the “About” page on the website.  The short answer is that some of this book, by law and by common sense, needs to be cleared by the DoD prior to publication.  I’m posting artwork as a way of generating interest, but the final product won’t be available until it comes out in book form, sometime in mid-2013.

In this case, as a follow-on from page 27, the XO (on the right) is explaining what has happened in Mosul since the protagonist (on the left) went to sleep that morning.  The take-away, for those of you following the plot, is that this is an extensive list of insurgent activities, meant to emphasize the hazards that these people are dealing with on a daily basis.  So, it’s an important plot point that’s hard to work around.  Naturally, the list is based on my own recollections of actual events that happened, not all of which were well-publicized at the time, although I’d like to emphasize that none of them is outrageously secret in the “faked moon landing” sense.  The DoD needs to clear this for publication in the same way that they would a press release or whatnot, and I fully support this policy.

28 (Artwork)

7 Nissan Page 28 Minus Text

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