7 Nissan Continued

Here are two pages at once from my upcoming graphic novel project.   I did them both in one day, so they go up in one post.

Page 29 is the end of the conversation between the protagonist and the XO.  He is patting a pistol in reference to the “universal translator,” in case that isn’t clear.  I’m sure I’m not the first person to make that joke.  For the record, I personally know of no instance where US personnel shot someone due directly to lack of an interpreter, and a surprising number of people learned at least a few words of Arabic for when it became necessary.  However, interpreters are a valuable resource.  The local national ones have “code names,” in order to protect their identities.  In this case, there was already a “John,” so the younger guy became “Johnny Bravo.”

Page 30 is to establish the next scene.  These soldiers have loaded up the construction equipment needed to fix the road and are sitting on the side of the trailer, smoking, as the sun goes down.


7 Nissan Page 29


7 Nissan Page 30

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