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This is one additional page from my graphic novel project (Page 31), plus a re-working of a previous page (Page 29).

Page 31 shows the NCO, whom you may recognize from several previous pages by his distinctive mustache, among other things, squaring his guys away with maximum piss and vinegar, as God intended.  This guy, along with the officer, is supposed to be one of the two main viewpoint characters in the book.

Page 29 is the “universal translator” joke (the joke being that the universal translator is a handgun).  Reader feedback suggested that the joke was not clear in the way that I had originally drawn the page.  In the earlier version, the character was patting the pistol, which was strapped to the front of his body armor.  His hand obscured the outline of the weapon and the “patting” motion wasn’t as clear as I had intended.  I redrew it so that he is just pointing at the pistol, so it’s more visible.  Just to pile it on, I referred to it as a “Beretta universal translator.”  Beretta, of course, makes the U.S. Military’s service pistols.

Anyway, there’s an exhausting explanation of a joke that wasn’t all that funny in the first place.


7 Nissan Page 31


7 Nissan Page 29 Alternate

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