Page 33.

This is page 33 of my ongoing graphic novel project.

This panel continues the ongoing scene in which they are checking equipment and preparing for the mission.  The NCO, pictured, has just set his men to correcting all of the deficiencies in the equipment that wouldn’t be there if they’d been careful in the first place, and is now contentedly smoking a cigar.  He has done the job he was put on Earth to do and all is right with the world.  This sets up the next panel.

At one point in the deployment that this is based on, the company XO, whose family had heard that he liked cigars, received a well-intentioned shipment of about 500 grape Swisher Sweets in the mail.  I immediately stole them, correctly reasoning that he would not miss them, and handed them out to any of the Soldiers who wanted one, as seen here.

Regular readers: my goal remains two panels a week, but realistically I may only get one a week done for the next couple months due to various other commitments.  I am still on track to get the book done by mid-2013, however.  Thanks for your attention and support!


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