Page 36.


7 Nissan Page 36

This is page 36 of my ongoing graphic novel project.  Of note, pages 37-40 or so are the second section, out of three, that I will not be publishing online for OPSEC reasons, prior to DoD clearance of the book as a whole.  The self-censored panels deal with the mission brief (which is being set up in panel 36), and do a lot to explain what is happening to those who might not be familiar with military operations.  Of course, they also, necessarily, describe U.S. Tactics, Techniques and Procedures, albeit vaguely.  I will not be publishing the pages until I’ve been assured that I’ve been vague enough.

I’ve also tried to use slightly darker colors as this goes on, although I may have to adjust some pages in the final edit to ensure uniformity.  The remainder of the comic takes place in darkness (this is supposed to be about 7 pm), which means drawing it in a “day for night” style that I’m still trying to perfect.  It might be more realistic to draw an impenetrable fog of darkness and moon dust, but that’s artistic license for you.

Regular readers: do not despair.  I will be posting a variety of thumbnail drawings, sketches for the next book, and so forth on roughly a weekly basis in an effort to provide regular updates during the month or so while I draw the unpublished pages.

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