Page 47.


7 Nissan Page 47 actual_bak

This is the actual page 47, according to my revised script.  Not much is happening here story-wise; they get lost (or . . . repeatedly miss a turn) and have to turn the whole thing around a couple of times, which sounds boring but will be all too familiar to some, and does help to set up the scene after that.  I thought about cutting the sequence, but in the context of what comes next it’s too important to leave out.

There is a lot to talk about art-wise here.  I’m still trying to get the “day for night” effect right.  The temptation is to do a black wash over EVERYTHING, and so make every color darker, but that would get to be utterly unreadable.  I do like how using the eraser with 1% transparency is working for drawing “beams of light,” whether from spotlights or from the computer screen.  The last thing that I’m trying to convey artistically here is movement against the background (they are in a moving vehicle).  Corel Painter XI has a movement blur tool that I used for the inked lines in the background, but they tend to be too small to really convey motion.  I tried to expand the overall effect by painting in the colors in the background very loosely and using black ink around the lines, all to accentuate the feeling that the background is moving and therefore can’t be seen very distinctly.  Drawing in motion lines — the classic “ball throwing” kind — seems as though it would get distracting when the whole background is subject to them.  Plus, it would look as if the vehicle was going 600 miles an hour.

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