Page 49.


7 Nissan Page 49

This is Page 49.  This is one of those sections of the book that seems interminably long during the several months that it takes me to draw it, but ties in with the rest of the plot in such a way that I don’t want to shorten it.  When you’re reading it over 30 seconds it seems suspenseful, even if when you’re reading it over three months it seems like Joel Hodgson and friends should be sitting in front of it cracking wise during the dead air.

Basically what is about to happen in this story is that they spend a frustrating few panels picking their way through the back alleys of this city with tractor trailers and 30-ton MRAPs, and then there’s an Escalation of Force (EOF) incident in which they almost, but ultimately don’t, shoot an Iraqi civilian.  That is, of course, the last of several sections that I won’t be publishing until the DoD finally clears the book for release, but hopefully knowing that will help to put this section in context.

As much as I like how the city scenes are coming out in this book, there is a little bit of artistic license in how I’m depicting the buildings, in that the alleyways are wider, there are fewer wires, streetlights and garbage than would really be the case, and generally the whole image is less chaotic and packed together than a photograph of the same thing would be.

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