Page 51 – halfway!


7 Nissan Page 51-2

Page 51 means that this book is halfway done!  Whenever I get to a major percentage milestone, I simultaneously think “wow, I’ve written half a book — that’s half a book more than John F. Kennedy” and “Jesus — it’s taken me over a year and I’m only halfway done.”  If you’re one of the 12 or so people who are apparently visiting this site on a daily basis, thanks for your support — except for all of those visitors from China and Sweden.  I know you guys are spam-bots and/or commie spies.

Anyway, moving on to the content of this panel.  Blue Force Tracker is the one example ever of a government-developed software project that was actually highly successful and did exactly what it was supposed to do.  It’s an Apollo Program in a sea of Amtraks. BFT can do everything that your smartphone can do, was introduced way back in 1997, and only requires 60 lbs of computer equipment valued at $135,000 to do it with.  It also gives me a way to draw a little map to show what’s going on without drawing in an awkward callout from yet another street scene of a stopped convoy, which is what I’d originally started drawing when I composed this panel.

Original Panel Idea:

7 Nissan Page 51

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