Page 52.


7 Nissan Page 52

Page 52 of my graphic novel project.  In drawing all of these buildings and walls I take comfort in the fact that the entire country of Iraq owns exactly three spirit levels and half a theodolite, so nothing is level or straight anyway.  Certainly not that wall on the left.

2 Responses to “Page 52.”

  • Alex Rock

    Oh man, those wires… I can just see it now

  • Admin

    You have no idea. You should see what it looks like when you short one out — anywhere from a disconcerting blue flash to a quite large fire. It’s a wonder any of us lived, quite frankly.

    You may be interested to note the length of PVC pipe jury-rigged to each of these vehicles. It’s non-conductive and directs wires away from the antennas/gunner. Definitely an AlTech-level invention.