Page 53.


7 Nissan Page 53

This is Page 53 of my ongoing graphic novel.

Of note, this will be the last page published until I complete Page 62, most likely sometime in late March.  The next nine pages, as previously mentioned, deal with an Escalation of Force (EOF) incident in which the Soldiers nearly, but ultimately do not, shoot an Iraqi civilian, and which is the culminating point of the story.  These panels will be published online once the entire book is cleared for publication by the DoD, and will of course be in the final book.  I’m leaving them out because they deal with U.S. tactics in responding to these types of situations, and while in my opinion they disclose no pertinent information, in the end it’s not for me to decide if they do or do not, and I would rather err on the side of caution in a matter so serious.

The incident is, however, critical to the plot, and to the whole point of the story, because it’s the sort of situation that American Soldiers are put in every day overseas, and the point of this book is to show typical, unexceptional situations.  That’s why I didn’t depict a totally quiet mission, and why I didn’t depict actual shooting.  Both of those happen, but the sort of ambiguous situation that I’m about to depict is so common as to be almost a routine.

In the meantime, over the next six weeks or so, I’ll try to find something to post every week.  This will include sketches from my next book, a little bit about comic script writing, and some unrelated stuff that I got into in the meantime.  Thanks to everyone who reads this for your support!

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