Real Art.

While I haven’t posted any additional pages from my graphic novel project, rest assured that I continue to make progress.  I finished Page 60 this Sunday and should be done through Page 62 next weekend in time to publish Page 63 the weekend after that.  At that point, I’ll be publishing every page through to the end.  The book should be complete some time this Autumn.

In the meantime, in an effort to keep updating this site, here is some other artwork that I’ve done and which you may be interested in.


Beretania Bums Trad Meda First Cleaned Up Small

Beretania Bums Pencil


Don’t let the brochures fool you: Hawaii is a complete dump.  I know this for a fact, having lived there for a number of years, but they do their best to convey the opposite impression to tourists by confining them to one small part of Oahu, then herding everything unsavory to the rest of it.  Case in point: homeless people.  Homeless people are absolutely everywhere in Hawaii, due to the warm weather and astronomical rents.  Normally, the HPD will just run them out of Kapiolani park every morning about ten minutes before the breakfast buffet opens at the Hyatt, but for the APEC summit in 2011 they pulled out all the stops and ran them all the way to River St. but — crucially — not an inch farther.  So, for about a month there was a very large Hooverville of people in and around Aala park, which I had to ride my bike through every morning to get to work.  It seemed to epitomize the conflict between what my friends on the mainland thought when they found out I was moving to Hawaii and what I actually experienced.   So I drew some pictures.

Twisting in the Dark Parts Small

One of my favorite bands is The Hold Steady.  If you hear the lyric,

We got shiftless in the 50s

holding hands and going steady

twisting into dark parts of the large Midwestern cities

and don’t imagine hollow-cheeked film-noir hipsters in narrow ties and knee-length skirts with runny makeup ducking into some black-bricked firetrap in The Flats, then there is something the matter with you.  Ten points if you know the actual name of this bar.

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