SJ Page 18


Now on my new “when I get around to it” update schedule, here’s Page 18 of my current story, “Sorry, Jundi.”

The “shoot the lock with ball ammunition while simultaneously kicking the door with the same foot” method of door-breaching is considered least-preferred, but is probably not beneath the IA.

Sorry Jundi Page 17.


After a longer-than-expected delay*, while I finished the first semester of college degree number three, here’s page 17 of my current story, Sorry Jundi. Expect irregular but steady updates over the Summer! Thanks for your patience and interest!

*Official motto of this page.

SJ Page 16


Page 16, the second time in my comics career that I’ve had to draw a bunch of tiny boats landing on a beach.

Sorry Jundi Page 15.


Page 15. I’m going to have to go back and add stars to some of these other pages, as I keep forgetting them. It’s the only way, other than drawing a little moon in each one (which is astronomically impossible), to convey that it’s night time without making the whole thing impossibly black.

Sorry Jundi Page 14.


Page 14, a transitional scene, as Page 15 will be also.  It’s scenes like this that made the writers of Star Trek invent the concept of transporters, so they wouldn’t have endless scenes of Kirk, Spock and McCoy descending to the planet’s surface.