The Landing Pilot

New story! This one is a lot lighter than the previous one and is built around a joke, which was told to me by a colleague and which I found hilarious. It also takes place in Afghanistan, where there’s a lot more flying to do.

Sorry, Jundi: The End


The 28th and final page of this story!  New story starts … when I get to it.  At least two more stories are going to go into this book, and possibly several more. Stay tuned.

SJ Page 27.


And we are back for 2018 with the 27th and penultimate page of Sorry, Jundi.  Last page to follow, and then a new story!


Page 26.


OK, now that I’m 13 credit hours closer to college degree #3, it’s time to get back to drawing again, this time with Page 26 of Sorry, Jundi.  Two more pages to go on this one.

Sorry, Jundi — Page 25.


Obviously, this one looks really rough as other commitments have kept me from exercising the drawing muscles as frequently as I would have liked.  Still — progress!