Sorry, Jundi — Page 12.


After a two-week break in which I took some midterms and apparently forgot how to draw, here’s Page 12 of my current story, Sorry, Jundi.

Sorry, Jundi, Page 11.


I’m not ever going to apologize for the delay, since whatever pretense I ever had at regular updates is gone now, but the goal of 2-3 a month remains, and so here’s Page 11 of my current story, Sorry, Jundi.  The goal remains to compile all of these stories into a book, probably sometime towards the end of 2017 i.e. when I’ve drawn all of the Iraq War stories that I feel are worthwhile.

Sorry, Jundi: Page 10.


After a delay, Page 10.  Expect Page 11 sometime in the middle of next week.  These are going to get a little less regular, and I’m going to deviate from my “every Sunday” schedule over the next couple of years as I finish college degree #3 (second bachelor’s in a different field — not a PhD).  Anyway, hopefully it’s clear what happened here: the drag handle on his armor got caught on the door latch, leaving him dangling when he tried to jump down.

By 2008, when I got to Iraq, most of the FMTVs in country were up-armored to some extent, often with a bewildering combination of add-on armor kits and jury-rigged welded-together sheet metal, or bits taken off of blown-up HMMWVs.  It’s entirely possible that no two were alike, and due to a variety of technical reasons that I’m not going to get into, the original M1078/M1083 cab was especially difficult to modify — which is why the Army is replacing them with A1P2s.

Sorry, Jundi: Page Nine.


Here’s page nine of my current story, delayed by a couple of weeks due to Christmas.

Sorry, Jundi — Page Eight.


Page eight, which establishes that they are leaving the FOB.  The last time I drew something like this, I had a bunch of radio chatter as text, but the consensus that it was so riddled with prowords as to be nonsensical to the uninitiated, so I just went with the image on this one.  “Complacency Kills” should be the new United States Motto.