SJ Page 27.


And we are back for 2018 with the 27th and penultimate page of Sorry, Jundi.  Last page to follow, and then a new story!


Page 26.


OK, now that I’m 13 credit hours closer to college degree #3, it’s time to get back to drawing again, this time with Page 26 of Sorry, Jundi.  Two more pages to go on this one.

Sorry, Jundi — Page 25.


Obviously, this one looks really rough as other commitments have kept me from exercising the drawing muscles as frequently as I would have liked.  Still — progress!

Sorry, Jundi – Page 24.


Page 24. Soldiers are trained to put in a nasopharyngeal airway in order to help open an airway in a badly wounded person; one lucky person per class gets to demonstrate.

Sorry, Jundi: Page 23.


Page 23.