Page 34.

Page 34 of my ongoing graphic novel project.

In this panel, you can tell that it’s an officer talking to an NCO by the way he shows up carrying a cup of coffee and sharpshoots the guy who did most of the actual work on the one thing that got overlooked.


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2 Responses to “Page 34.”

  • Alex Rock

    I wonder sometimes how this thing will go without your lovely explanations on each page. It sort of reminds me of watching a movie with the directors commentary turned on. I wonder if/how my enjoyment of it would be changed without it.

    Maybe you should put the text on the bottom, let the comic stand on its own, at least for first glance.

    I wish there was a way you could publish the comments with the book, but have them not show up on the first reading. A little flip down cover over the text on each page (completely impractical). Maybe write it with invisible ink, or backwards so you need a mirror to read it.

    • Admin

      I will definitely start putting the commentary at the bottom from here on out. As for the book, I’m leaning towards an endnotes-type format, where it’s just indexed by page. This is going to be expensive enough in full color without invisible ink.